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Word Climbing: is it better than dumbing words down?

Do you recall a requisite of fourth grade English, the one to build a list of dead words to never use? My teacher, Mrs. Johnson, a svelte, distinguished woman who always wore black, instilled the notion in me. Very posh for small town Indiana, she was the wife of the basketball coach, who, in the Hoosier state, was nominal king of the town.… ...

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Self Love: Mind the Gap

If I asked you to name all the things you love, how long would it take you to name yourself?

Let’s get to work to fill that gap. Promise yourself:

  • To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
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Conversational Characteristics of Me and He

Larry and I are decidedly conversational, yet our styles differ as much as Venus and Mars:

Laconic vs. Loquacious = Larry and Me.

He’s not exactly terse, but he is economical in his verbiage. He says what he means, precise as a knife – or a big stick.… ...

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Random Acts of Kindness

I perform random acts of kindness.

Though mine are neither random nor an act. I engage. It’s why must be done to thrive: be love.

Selfless, enabling, and spontaneous acts in a ‘be like Jesus’ mode. Radical to some, anathema to others, who remain stymied by fear.… ...

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You know you’re old(er) when…

It’s that time of year. The parties are over and Christmas decor packed. The diet has started and I’m deep in lament. Why, exactly, did i eat all the chocolate candies, cookies, and eclectic junk?

I hate this time of year, despite the fact that the days are rapidly gaining light, lengthening to refresh good moods and spirits of adventure.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Sista Suzi

What does one say in the face of full charm, a woman met serendipitously after she and one of my clients casually flirted when he trotted past her office window alongside his mom. To-and-from his therapy sessions with me. The woman in the photo is me, working the magic of speech-language pathology with the tyke.… ...

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Payback for Millenial Hipsters Co-opting Our Youth

When out-and-about, you’ve seen them. The Millennial hipsters who wear tee shirts sporting logos from rockers you saw in concert ‘back when.’ The beanpole, straight-postured young ‘uns who crowd Starbucks, Whole Foods, and in-the-moment restaurants and bars. Seeing them makes you wistful for your younger days when parents paid your car insurance and served free hot meals.… ...

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Recycling Extraordinaire

It’s a new year: 2018. We didn’t die before we got old, as Roger Daltry, of The Who’s ‘Our Generation’ sang. We’re here and now, craving recollection, connection, life meanings that resonate like middle C. (Mardi Gras is coming, so this little girl picture tickles me.)

So let me review some 2017 highlights that have replenished my life force, people who hung out with me, abided me, and had fun doing silly stuff on a  whim back when – we were high school kids.… ...

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Red vs White for Christmas Past, Present, and Future

We have a highly quotable friend. So, full disclosure, this is a phrase of his: “Drink red to be contemplative, white to get wild.”

Knowing John, he does either well. At least he used to. We know each other a lo-ong time.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Lean on Me

In October 2106, I took a big spill. It’s a miracle my aging bones didn’t break. If ‘inquiring minds’ wish to read about it, here’s the past post:

I endured. Two weeks’ wait for the swelling to go down, pain pills ‘taken as needed’, but not as often as you think.… ...

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