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On the 22nd Day of Quarantine…

On the 22nd day of Quarantine, my true love gave to me: a walk amidst the Audubon Sea & Sage Society bird and critter sanctuary.

There are actually five square ponds in a grid with straight, flat pebble-covered paths between. The circumference of the grid is 5 miles.… ...

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Netflix & Chill, the perfect COVID-19 response

An ice cream status change occurred that should interest all authors of the world – Grammar changed via Ben & Jerry’s!

The popular brand, originated by New England hippies, launched a non-dairy frozen dessert awhile ago. Apparently, it’s based upon a popular Millennial phrase that is a euphemism for sex: Netflix & Chill’d.… ...

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Thirty Days in the Hole: COVID-19 Homestay

On March 15 we began a requested 15-day homestay.

Perhaps because we began with the live-streamed worship service and adult Sunday School service of our church, we were filled with peace and joy and good spirits. Perhaps because that’s our constant life mode anyway… my husband and I are blessed.… ...

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If Everyone is Irish one day of the year…

There once was a lad named Larry Whose life had been quite hairy. He chanced a party Where he drank quite hearty And love-at-first-glanced a future wife.

There once was a lass named PJ Who’d experienced a separate but equal hell.… ...

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Old Age Ain’t for Sissies!

I reached the age of the ancients, according to my hypothesis at age 21… I’m Boomer-aged.

Old Age Ain’t for Sissies.

The good news is that I’m not keeping myself together with Band-Aids. I’ve been a yoga enthusiast for a long time. … ...

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Byte Me Week of Internet HELL

You may/may not know this fact: many web-based companies have migrated to Malaysia, Malta, and Marlarkey.

You do know this fact: we live in the days of hacker-infused hell.

These two facts interlaced recently and sent my author site and blog into Internet Hell.… ...

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A Dirty Dozen Ideas to Leap into Fun

So, we had an extra day on February 29, 2020 – how did you spend the time?

Feel no guilt if you wasted or frittered it away… because I hadn’t written this blog, with its sparkly suggestions of things to do.… ...

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Life as a Miracle – Working Wardrobes for a New Start

I’ve already written about new year resolutions. Here’s a re-start, a new start, and – hopefully – not a false start.

After about a dozen years’ hiatus, I’ve returned to volunteerism with a non-profit called Working Wardrobes.

I’ve always been a bit of a clothes horse, particularly a lover of shoes.… ...

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Memories that refuse to fade…

It’s better to rust out than to fade away.

What does that line suggest to you, Constant Reader? (I look forward to your comments) If you, too, have celebrated a significant birthday recently perhaps you can relate.

Apparently several of our longtime friends spent the holiday break combing through old photos albums and felt the need to excise some and forward them to us, showing us proof of the way we were.… ...

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18 inches of Personal Space

A bit of personal space enhances human interaction. To fact-check this statement, count the inches between you and another the next you enter a throng, desiring to make a human connection and strike up a conversation with someone.

Heed the rules, pay attention.


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