12-step program for accumulated pen return

During a burst of housecleaning, a seldom-seen occurrence in our house, I found a drawer full of pens with bank logos, our optometrist, UCI MIND (ha-Alzheimer’s research), our church, swag from a fellow author… It suddenly occurred to me that I was/am a wanton inkpen klepto┬á ­čśë

What’s needed in our household is a 12-step program for accumulated pen return, sort of like AA’s step where one must seek each person who you’ve maligned in the past and apologize.

Ardently, truthfully, willingly… worth a tank of gas. Who knows where the trail will take you and with whom you’ll interact when amends must be made?

Besides, I’m into Sharpies now – and already have a dozen colors. Gasp – remember, yee ones-as-ancient-as-me, when there was only black?

But I digress. Back to the point. I’m readying for a book launch-signing event. Won’t you join me, please and thanks? We can’t have fun without you!

Oops, we moved to the event to an Irvine bowling alley – so relevant┬áto the Midwest and the days of our youth. My dad was an avid – and good bowler – and Larry’s mom was a women’s champion, who traveled throughout central Michigan on a circuit with other women bowlers. She won prizes!

And, left Larry at her mom’s house to overnight babysit. Larry’s parents were carousers, a forerunner of his partying style. Come to meet him on party night!

Here’s the new location for my birthday/book launch party: BackBay Conference Center, 3415 Michelson, Irvine, CA 92612. See you there. Bring cash, please and thanks. Your birthday gift to me will be to buy my hardcover book. You want to be in my winners’ circle, don’t you?┬á ­čśÄ

Don’t bring pens. I’ve already got stashes of them.

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2 comments on “12-step program for accumulated pen return
  1. Michele LaMothe says:

    Sorry, but your blog today reminded me that back in the early 70’s, I worked in an office where the desks ran in a straight line. On the corner of every desk, it became obvious, was an empty container where once there were pens. If, however, and I blush, you came upon my desk at the end of this row of desks, there was a full container of pens. Seems we were of the same klepto pen mold.

  2. PJ Colando says:

    Let’s blame it on the Alpha Delta Pie, Michele…

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