Month: December 2012

Happy New Year Maybe


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The Greatest Gift

Santa Baby,

Thanks for putting Larry and I on your list, checking it twice. We know our names are there because we have a snow globe with you checking our list before mounting your ride around the world to deliver gifts.… ...

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Nothing Says Loving Like Something from the Oven and Pillsbury Says It Best.

Here I am sandwiched between a mother and daughter who are my friends. They invited me to participate  in the annual Christmas cookie bake among their children and grandchildren. It was a glorious, messy ritual in a kitchen warmed with the oven and love.… ...


I like to pick my own part.









 … ...

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Snow Globes

I have a collection of snow globes. There are about 25-30, I think. Some have music, some have movement, some have glitter and glamour. All sparkle with imitation, self-contained snow, gently adrift inside. They are loved and lovely treasures. Their display in our home throughout December and January helps me smile as I shake them with abandon, one each day.… ...

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Three Wise Women

9 oz. dried cranberries; 12 oz. strawberry yogurt raisins; 12 oz. dried apricots; 16 oz. almonds; 16 oz. walnuts

 Look at the list of ingredients. You don’t have to memorize them; this isn’t one of those baby shower games where you have to recall the items on a tray that is removed from your sight after 60 seconds.… ...

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Panda Somersault

December 1955: Time for the annual Christmas Show at the small country school in northern Indiana. Throughout the month my mother labored to make a panda bear costume for me to wear for my very small part in the pageant....

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The boys raced to the park. They saw the swings, but sped past to the slide, a giant on red stilts. It had sides to hold the scared kids who flew back to earth in its chute. It called them to mount up and not fret for the mom whose hands they had slipped. … ...

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Salvation Army

If Christmas Present has a saint, it must be the Salvation Army bell ringer in front of our local grocery store. The man is a catalyst for good.

My husband is, too. He came home aglow from the inside out last Saturday after experiencing a series of  simple acts that were not random, but well-timed-and-placed, straight from and to the heart.… ...

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My next life

My friends and family have often heard me say: “In my next life I’m going to have thick hair and a tan.”

I am revising that wishful thinking in favor of having a thick skin. It would have helped me more in this one....

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