It’s a new year’s resolution common among women and men: to lose weight. We are ┬ánow in week 4 of the proposition.

My husband has lost 8 – 10 pounds, while I have lost and regained the same two in a cycle, not on a cycle, as I should have been.… ...

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My love is like a waterfall. It flows with force, freely, unwilling to resist the precipice.

I give and I give and I give, and I live better because of this. Service is a smile; it’s a rush.

Sometimes, when love flows over me, over the rocks of my life, washing stumbles away, my eyes get a little mist.… ...

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Service with heart

My husband and I have had reason to seek medical attention lately. While the good news is that we are alive and largely healthy (more about that later), the bad news is that our bodies are wearing out. We are using every inch, sense, and limb in our quest to fulfill our lively purpose on earth.… ...

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