Month: February 2013

Rubber Bands

rubber band ball

We do not have the world’s largest ball of rubber bands in our home. What’s pictured is one in a museum. What we do have in our home’s kitchen window is a rubber band collection on a scruffy, water-spotted birch candlestick that my father turned on his lathe. ...

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Have and Have Not

A few weeks ago I discovered an unwanted nuance of “have” and “have not”: medical insurance benefits. While I have benefits and can instantly make a doctor appointment to seek assurance for any concern, my Sista Suzi can not.

Well, could not until recently when she was employed full time in a great job with benefits after several years of searching, interviewing, forebearing through a bad economy.… ...

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The Rainbow Passage



“When the sunlight strikes raindrops in the air, they act like a prism and form a rainbow. The rainbow is a division of white light into many beautiful colors. These take the shape of a long round arch, with its path high above, and its two ends apparently beyond the horizon.… ...

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Breakfast at Tiffanys

My husband is the best man alive. I love him completely, thoroughly, and true. We’ve been together since February 16, 1974. He loves me and is very giving, but he is not a hearts, flowers, chocolate, and jewelry guy.

It matters not, for I can buy these myself....

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I am






 … ...

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Heart-shaped eats

Heart-shaped Eats


My husband and I met and married when a popular TV ad showed a newlywed couple readying for bed, the husband taking Alka Seltzer in the foreground while the wife reclined in delusional triumph in the background for having prepared a heart-shaped meatloaf for dinner.… ...

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Just Walk Away

Just Walk Away


Unkindness hurts and does not often fade without shards in the heart. Boundaries are important – critical. We must never allow others to abuse us when we are open and vulnerable. We must not continually walk back into battles that will never go away.… ...

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House Guests # 2

California Map

We had an awesome 1 1/2 weeks with a BFF who came to stay with us recently from Michigan. She observes my #1 House Guest Rule: do not hurt your host, my husband. She wouldn’t, for she was married to his BFF from high school.… ...

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The Beatles came to America for my birthday, many years ago. They didn’t know it, but I did. That is the way of Fame – no thought for my existence.

George Harrison famously asserted that the Beatles didn’t want to be famous – they wanted to be successful.… ...

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Chains and change

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