Month: April 2013

“Happy as Larry”

Greetings in America, a land of congeniality. In other parts of our country not blessed by irrepressible sunshine, people converse about weather. I’ve shared the jaw-dropping, weather-related comments of some of our visitors from Elsewhere in America in another post. They left us aghast.… ...

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Conversational Repair Strategies

Conversation is an essential social endeavor, at the heart of being human. Conversation is dialogue, not monologue, though some people seem not to know it. It is also not diatribe, for anger just isn’t that interesting. It does not create ties that bind.… ...

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The bulbs were easy to slid into the damp earth early last December, the month of persistent mist and drizzle. They’d spent the obligatory six weeks in the refrig to emulate frost. Direct from Holland, their purchase was commemoration of my seventh year of survivorship, an assertion of freedom from fear.… ...

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

As an avid Beatlemaniac, I have long agreed that the Beatles transformed the world. From men’s hairstyles to social attitudes to musical innovation, their hands touched more than our hearts and their musical instruments.


But who knew that the world’s most famous fossil was named after a Beatles song?… ...

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Last Rites

Yesterday I posted about Death and Taxes, the American inevitabilities. It was a scary day for a friend and her husband, which prompted thoughts of such a day in my life. Over 100 days have passed. With some emotional distance, perhaps I can write it out…it was taxing to confront death…

That scary day our adventures were way-laid when my husband’s Rose Parade was in a different conveyance – and to a different destination – than planned.… ...

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Death and Taxes

Here it is! The  full translation of the famous quote by America’s venerated self-made man, Benjamin Franklin, written to a friend in France in November 1789: “Our new Constitution is now established, everything seems to promise it will be durable; but, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” ...

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House guests #4: whether you like it or not



The winter season has passed and taken its weather with it. Weather happens whether we like it or not, so we grin and bare it. We are blessed in southern California because with weather we most often get to bare it, not  bear it.… ...

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It was the 60’s in northwestern Indiana. Though our small town was proximate to the trials of the Chicago 7 and pre-election riots televised for all to see, we were worlds apart.  We lived the idyllic, self-contained, ritualistic life of those close to the land.… ...

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I feel Pretty

pretty gorgeous

Pretty, I feel pretty…”

I never related to this tuneful phrase until after my cancer diagnosis, with its treatment and trials, not the least of which was discovering that I was not included with ‘them’. Triple bad and ugly.

It was very difficult to assimilate that....

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Pink vs. Blue Sweetener


Look at the sweetener array. I paused each time I opened the kitchen cupboard when visiting my parents’ home in Indiana. Confronted with choices before I’d sipped the coffee in my mug…yikes! Confusion. Complications. All I wanted was to get my day started with coffee!… ...

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