Month: May 2013

Living Life as a Miracle: The Yoga Path



This series of events occurred about ten years ago, in what seems like in a different century rather than recent past. It was an ambitious time in life, when everything was open and possible. It was my Saturday morning ritual to walk the two miles to a yoga facility in the local shopping mall.… ...

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The Power of 1

in 1921 a playwright coined the word “robot” for a science fiction play. I learned this fact at a UC Irvine lecture showcasing their center dedicated to stroke rehabilitation with the use of robotics. Credible, incredible stuff.

80 years later, the world had ASIMO,  which is an acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative MObility. ...

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Here it is, at last, a brand new book for your shelf!

Bug Book

Oh, that’s right!

In California we don’t have bugs, though our small garden could use some help…other than the birds, raccoons, and squirrels helping themselves to our produce.

Suggestions anyone?… ...

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If you could be any other critter for a day, what would you be and what would you do?


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Mystery solved


For 25 years, every since the advent of the alphabet soup of Sue Grafton, I only and always read mystery books. I devoured them. I read Barr, Burke, Christie, Crais, Evanovich, Muller, Paretsky, Parker, Sandford, Tracy – if I left anyone out, let me know.… ...

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We returned from 8 days in Kauai where a favorite food is SPAM.

I returned to over 300 emails in my email SPAM folder.

You know you are getting older when…

the junk topics shift from penis extension and soft porn (disclaimer – I didn’t open!!)… ...

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“You be the doctor! You be the doctor!”

medicine“You be the doctor! You be the doctor!”

I don’t recall what I said prior, but the doc said this in wild, rapid retort. I think that he was abashed because, after I’d waited twenty minutes after being ushered into the exam room, after waiting twenty minutes in the waiting room for his first appointment in the morning, I opened the exam room door to peek, wondering what was up – to witness his rush past me in the hall, with downcast eyes and shower-wet hair.… ...

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People Pie

Pi R SquareI like pie. You may, too…it’s just fruit. Oh, and a little flour and sugar, two of the deadly great whites. It’s a self-delusion to hide behind, to say that pie is just fruit. I can’t stand behind anything because my body’s plump.… ...

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Costco Community

Costco cart


Costco shopping would be a great work out plan…if it weren’t for all of the food vendor carts with samples. Small bites of this and small bites of that can add up to pounds of padding. Yum – let me pause to snack rather than stack the cart! ...

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May Day!


may-day-flowers-clip-art-5Remember that holiday rite where you left a bouquet at a the front door of a friend, rang the doorbell, and ran away?

Me neither. May be it was a florists’ dream from the 1950s. Established as the first of May and entitled May Day!… ...

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