Month: June 2013


cardboard-packing-boxesMoving is an overwhelming endeavor. There are so many components to the process, as well as so much stuff.

Moving is an overwhelming endeavor because it’s packed with emotions, some happy, some hopeful, some sorrowful and regretful.

Moving is an overwhelming endeavor, so one welcomes all the help one can get, especially when it is free.… ...

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Jeanie’s Just Jealous

Jeanie’s Just Jealous, a picture book by PJ Colando


1: Daddy scoops his girls into a hug and says, “I love you both.”


2:  Emma stays tight when Jeanie lets go…

3:  Vexed, Jeanie crosses her arms and taps her toe.… ...

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I used to work with public school special needs children. It was way back when, before personal computers, let alone i-Pads at everyone’s desk. It was also the days of plentitude in California, when every element of education was free – even the paper and pencils....

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Bel Canto



I went to a daylong literary event recently and came away with more than inspiration, knowledge, and new books.

I heard someone say that Ann Patchett’s book ‘Bel Canto’ was a happy book.

Now, perhaps, I will have the courage to read it…It was my mother’s nightstand book before a stroke sent her to a rehab facility for 5 months, and she never read again.… ...

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Blue Bird of Happiness

images-1Happiness is craved, for me as much as anyone, I confess.

In search of evermore accurate ways of quantifying human happiness, researchers at the University of Vermont have tuned into Twitter. Seriously, the Hollywood hype forum has come under academic scrutiny.… ...

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Green and red

CAJun1978Prop13.svgHere’s a map of California, showing the counties in which 62.5% of the voters passed Prop 13. Look at the red: a small land mass lost to big consequences for green, as in money.

Larry and I were in California, seeking jobs, when Prop 13 passed in 1978.… ...

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Knot again!

Knot again


Father’s Day is upon us again, and my husband and I have none. Our dads are gone, but not forgotten.

After my father entered the front gate of heaven, like my mother 21 months before him, we siblings and spouses joined in endeavor to clear the house where my parents had grown old, a noble ramshackle of family-building, then retirement, the only house they’d ever owned.… ...

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noun: Doing (or giving the appearance of doing) something effortlessly; effortless grace; nonchalance.
From Italian. Earliest documented use: 1957.
In 1957, the year of this term’s earliest documented use, my husband already had his first jobs: delivering newspapers and mowing lawns to contribute to the household income because of his father’s disability.
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Knees and needs

Today my sibling, four years younger, is having double knee replacement surgery.

Three months ago today, I injured my knee on a beach walk – coincident with her email announcement.

Bad knees are our heritage, so I inquired of all siblings about their needs and knees, a compassionate listener.… ...

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