A few years ago I experienced dissolution of a family that I thought I’d had. I mourned and felt terrible – until I remembered my favorite Beatle, Paul.



He was the odd man out in the dissolution of the Fab Four, the apparent lone ranger like me.… ...

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If you ever want to wave a conversational red flag in my face, just say “they” did it or said or thought it. Be ready, for I will ask you, “Who are ‘they’?”

I rise forth from a lifetime of blame from a tattletailing little sis along with the mischievous misinformation of the unseen and unnamed in small town communities where I grew up.… ...

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It’s 6:45 p.m…6:53, and then it’s 7:00 sharp, the time we planned to meet. I’m sitting in my BMW, soothing my neurotic apprehension with hits from the ‘80s on Sirius. The moon is smiling aloft on this typically faint-starred night. The light bleed of the human mass that live in the LA basin again overwhelms God’s starry showcase with its proof that we are not alone.… ...

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“I put it in a safe place.”

How many of you have done this? Put an important item in a ‘safe place’, and then moved on with the hurly-burly of life, and…were unable to locate the item when needed, bewildered?

I’ve learned to relax for several days, letting the notion of the misplaced float in the periphery of my brain and voila!… ...

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happy satr“I am a star!”

This statement of self-respect has knocked a few people off their axis. Relatively speaking, I’m thought to be prideful and/or addled by some – I see it in their squinty stink eyes. I do not fit into the more regular shapes of round, square, or triangular, so it’s even more difficult to jam my peg into place.… ...

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