Month: August 2013

C’est Moi


noun: One who loves words.
That’s OGOPHILE, not Francophile. C’est Moi. Et vous?
My wonderful hubby, Larry, would say he’s an OGLER and lover of me, who is addicted to words. He supports my habit, and I support everything of him and his.
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Tomahawk Telephone

I was invited to join a circle of friends, women who gathered in mutual support twice a month. I was overjoyed, welcomed into the company of good women.

In between meetings, I’d occasionally receive their calls: inquiries and invitations to interesting events.… ...

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Sometimes I feel as if a nurse stapled my heart on my sleeve soon after my birth, where all can see it to harm and hit me up. While their action rips and bruises my heart, I’ve realized at least that my arm is unhurt....

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Hyperbolic Discourse


adjective: 1. Of or pertaining to hyperbole. 2. Of or pertaining to hyperbola.


From Greek hyperbole (excess), from hyperballein (to exceed), from hyper- + ballein (to throw). Earliest documented use: 1646, 1676. (wow – before there were American politicians, media, and policy wonks)


Logic suggests that when you employ hyperbole in your discourse, you are doing what a devil does (to throw), etymologically speaking. 
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UPside = US

It was 8 years ago today…that we saw Paul McCartney in concert. Well, not quite, the event was the second weekend in November. But it comes to mind now, and I can’t wait to share the joyous remembrance. Especially because Paul and his band wowed the attendees with a three-hour show last Friday at the Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco.… ...

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JelloMy arena of influence has expanded into the Land of Eat, specifically the Province of Dessert. Who knew that such a thing could occur, especially in a human burned out long ago on the confection perfection demanded of/by a 4-H practitioner who achieved Grand Champion at the Indiana State Fair multiple times.… ...

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noun: The branch of chemistry dealing with fermentation, as brewing.


From Greek zym- (ferment) + -urgy (work). Earliest documented use: 1868.


While zymurgy’s day job is raising spirits, it also moonlights as the last word in a dictionary.… ...

Life is Improvisation

Comedy-TragedyI love improvisation, a theatrical situation in which actors play off of each other unscripted. They create little dramas and comedies just by speaking dialogue and acting out scenes they make up as they go along.

I admire improv actors whose high-spirited goodwill sweeps an audience into the jokes, gags, and joy!… ...

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No Fair!

4-HBack home in Indiana I reveled in all things 4-H. It was a way to fill the long hours of summer in a very small town.

Baking yeast rolls to perfection, stitching just so, and lumbering around in an old car taking ridiculous photos under the guise of art.… ...

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