Month: September 2013

Stage 2b

I was working my network to be a back-up singer for John Mellencamp, another Hoosier transplant to crazy California, in 2005. I was giving it my best shot when it hit me: a cancer diagnosis on this date, that year.

‘Twenty feet from stardom” was not going to be a life path after all....

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Blend an UPside

One of my friends has an ulcer, a condition now known to be a disease. She’s on a medication that brings relief and cure; back in the day, it was diet-controlled 100%.

I know because my family endured the dietary constraints of my father’s ulcer treatment: bland and blended foods, like baby food in texture, but not in taste.… ...

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Open Heart

I’ve just returned from an echocardiogram appointment. The results were reassuring; especially because I am almost exactly one year older than my dad was when he had his first pacemaker installed. My dad died of a broken heart in 2008.


The young technician was cheerful, thorough, and cute.… ...

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Blueberry Pancake

I began a new exercise class this summer: Pilates Mat. The plan: to develop my core muscles without injury to ankles or knees, as sometimes induced by yoga poses, to foster good posture and to ease back injuries. Besides I already had a mat.… ...

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I have an awesome internal clock. It’s wowed family, friends, and strangers unerringly for years. I could have won sucker bets in bars if I chose.

I ascribe it to 40 years of being a speech-language pathologist, where life is regimented into clinical sessions scheduled tightly in a daylong regimen of 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30…if one is fortunate to have been blessed with a prolific procession of clients.… ...

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Crows vs. Parrots: round 1

Yesterday a famous parrot prompted a post.

Today hearts are heavy as we commemorate the date that the invisible, invincible shield of America crashed to the ground, along with the Twin Towers and thousands of lives.

Today I find a parallel natural event to post: a 55-minute turf, er tree, war that I witnessed while doing water aerobics.… ...

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The Language of Love

Six years ago on this day Alex died.

His last words were spoken to his trainer, Dr. Irene Pepperberg: “You be good. See you tomorrow. I love you.”

Alex, the African gray parrot, lived 31 years. He was smart. He learned hundreds of words and combined them novelly into sentences, helping to shatter our human arrogance that we were the only earthly beings capable of language.… ...

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24 words

You, hear me! Give this fire to that old man. Pull the black worm off the bark and give it to the mother. And no spitting in the ashes!”

It’s not quite the Gettysburg Address, but it is deathless prose.… ...

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Wear Your Invisible Crown

In a funk, faithful friend? If you are, take heart and know that there are simple ‘seasons without reasons’ in life – and some of them feel strangely funky. Know that these feelings will pass, like seasons and reasons do. The light will shine through the window into your soul; your smile will reign and you will laugh out loud.… ...

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Recipient vs Strength

I learned something in yoga today that would have benefitted me 50 years ago, nearer my youth. I learned that expanding one’s chest to breathe deeply, fully draws in feminine, recipient energy, while exhaling unleashes masculine strength and power into the world.… ...

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