Month: December 2013

Living Life as a Miracle at an Airport

Oh-kay. Recently there were miracle posts and airplane posts and the two themes combined in a flash – done!

Wait, there’s more…this time we take you inside the airport terminal…

We were returning from a trip to visit our families in the Midwest, arriving via plane at the John Wayne Airport, eager to be Home Sweet Home.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: The eyes have it!

I wrote about Einstein’s brain in a recent post, one of my pedantically-oriented writings (I ‘know stuff’ and like to share, but these sort of things don’t come up in friendly talk, so I bring it up in blog).

Because of Einstein’s great brain, as well as his great fame, he is a very quotable man.… ...

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I am wired differently than my husband, Larry.Larry and PJ

But that doesn’t mean that either is wrong or right – or assuredly male or female.

Or that he’s bigger and better, though I affirm that he is.

Or that either of us is left-brained/analytic vs right-brained/intuitive, though I must admit to stating with certainty that I’m a right-brained person with left-brain super-imposed.… ...

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Seasons’ knees

My mother’s knees predicted weather changes with an accuracy shared with her other aggregate wisdom: well above 90%. TV weathermen should have listened to her.

As my father did.

Scientists don’t understand all the mechanisms of weather-related pain, but leading theory posits that the falling barometic pressure that frequently precedes a storm alters the pressue within joints.… ...

Airline Conversation #3: “Let it snow!”

My husband used to travel extensively, flying about the country to market shrink wrap packaging, a product that changed the way the world shopped. Store lighting bounced off the clear plastic film fit closely around products, so that each seemed to have its own personal spotlight.… ...

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What is your time worth? What can a buck buy these days? Certainly not a pack of gum at the convenience store/gas station where I paid $50.00 to fill up my Mini tank today.

But before we grumble too much, as so many angry Americans do, let’s keep in mind that 50 years ago, a minimum wage worker made $50.00/week.… ...

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Incredulous on an Airplane 2

Orange CountyYou know what Irony is, don’t you.

It’s the opposite of Wrinkly.

But seriously, irony is a staple of a writer’s life, a tone I grasp when engaged in conversation with others. What follows is one of the all-time best of my life.… ...

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Incredible Airplane Tale: flash! This is not fiction!

I awaken at o-dark-thirty, yanked out of snore by overly frisky music. Aargh, I set my clock radio alarm last night, but somehow the dial got scrambled, and it’s not what I’d expected after the Madonna dance in my dreams. I stab the music off and slog through the abbreviated toilette of an early morning flight, my weekday life for fifteen years.… ...

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