Month: January 2014

God’s Perfect Timing

  • May 2012 Eclipse
    • Paper covers rock covers scissors… It is a childhood game On Sunday, God played it, too And allowed me to take this photo

      Coastal fog covered moon covered sun The eclipse scene in southern California Look with your eye, blink, exclaim, And run to get your camera

      Ocean fog reprieve For glorious opportunity

      A picture and words… all good

              My life as a Miracle, May 2012

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The Final Forgiveness: Self

A year ago, I joined Pinterest, as every aspiring-to-be-published writer was advised, as a component of ‘Platform’ on social media that will advertise.

It’s a visual billboard of interests and inclinations, as you proclaim yourself to be. It’s good for a writing break, writer’s block, and/or as a writing prompt.… ...

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We Live in the Projects


The great garage make-over of 2012 has begun!

Yes, you read that right: 2012. My husband is a R&D man. Rather, he’s an R&P man: Research and Planner. I often thank God for Google – and Larry should, too. He’s occupied for hours on end, looking for garage flooring and doors, shelving and the like.… ...

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Women and Mankind

Why is it that Women have the Wo(e) of Men and Men have the Kind?

A friend’s recent lament about her loving husband of 25 years will serve as example:

She and I are Playmates. Not Hugh Hefner’s brand, though we could have been in our prime, if only he’d shown up with a camera – and a airbrush.… ...

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It’s the line from a classic movie which, because Larry and I were dating, I went to see, despite the fact that I hate violence – verbal or physical – and that movie had plenty of both.… ...

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Country Manor

Country Manor: it’s where I aspired to live. I clung to a dream with a dead wrong boyfriend during the early ’70s. It was the name of a store where my Hadleyware collection began, gifts from his mother who craved my entrance to the family.… ...

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What’s in a name?



noun: An eternal optimist.
After Wilkins Micawber, an incurable optimist in the novel David Copperfield (1850) by Charles Dickens. His schemes for making money never materialize, but he’s always hopeful that “something will turn up”.
Moyzis is the name of a UC Irvine biological chemistry professor who recently published his research that found a dopamine gene variant linked to human longevity… Because the FDA is mere steps away from the campus, it can’t be long before this happiness gene is plopped inside a capsule to fuel our years to 100.
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Twelfth Morn

I hated to do it, but it needed to be done.

I tossed out the final Christmas cookies, dipped pretzels, chex mix, and fudge. We had already eaten nearly all of the treats – and you can tell, because the pounds are all around me.… ...

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