Month: February 2014

Objective and Accurate; Curious and Daring

Objective and accurate; curious and daring, nuanced as a steel guitar. As rare among people as a Dobro, the guitar pictured in a vast funky painting in our family room.

Our high art is a sepia-washed, larger-than-life photo of a brush-haired male Dobro player, a Warhol-like celebrity art installation that resounds nearly to the rafters.… ...

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In the early ’80s Myers-Briggs came around, sweeping the Irvine Unified School District into its cyclone path, spitting out personality type info ad hoc. I worked at a small elementary school with perhaps two dozen staff – and everyone was an ENFJ!… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: Furniture Shopping

If you’ve followed this blog – or if you know him – my husband is a mighty contemplative man. He thrives on research and comparison shopping. He seldom does anything fast.

Except fall in love with me, he says with an ear-to-ear grin.… ...

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Want and Need

Yesterday was a hallmark day, as important as our wedding anniversary.

peace heart


It is the date that I met Larry Colando, at a Grad House Party in 1974.

I learned later that he’d taken out a life insurance policy the day before.… ...

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The Power of Acceptance

My husband buttered my whole grain toast.

Again. Despite my repeated requests to not butter my toast.223639-whole-wheat-bread-toasted-no-butter-path-included

What to do? Say, “Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit?”

Probably not the time to be a smart mouth… a girl’s gotta eat, right?… ...

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Girl Games

“Let’s you and me hate her” was the name I gave the rapport-building game that I experienced in 1997. It’s power play when there are three girls, each seeking pecking order by defame. I was entrapped – for a short while – until I realized the game and opted out.… ...

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I said good-bye to thousands of people in the past several days, and then threw them in the trash. Details of restoration and recovery of skills, details of loss and re-birth, notes of triumphs and tears – documented in manila files.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle at a Quarter to Three

My homework done, I was listening to WLS, as legendary a radio station in Chicago and its surrounds as KMET was in LA. Dick Biondi was the dee jay, the musical tour guide.

There was only one radio in our country house, so I couldn’t sequester in my room to listen and learn dance steps – nor could my family escape the volume.… ...

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