Month: March 2014

Shake, rattle, and roll

There were nearly one hundred fifty, but it didn’t matter.

After the big wiggle, they were tiny, but still: The! Earth! Swayed! Peace was shattered, nerves were frayed as widely reported in the media.

March was headed out like a lion, not a lamb.… ...

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Step Child

300px-Susanthesethings“One of these things is not like the others; one of these things doesn’t belong.”

Do you hear that jingle, instituted on Sesame Street on episode one, rummaging around in your brain? Does it resound, helping you to notice aspects of unique, independence, and to categorize?… ...

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Pole barn dance

My husband and I recently completed an interior renovation of our three-car garage, a protracted ten-week endeavor that necessitated lengthy mid-day naps. Our energy levels overwhelmed by what we conspired to achieve, we contemplated searching out Geritol to add to our daily diet.… ...

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Scribbles and Bits!


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Dark Chocolate Thoughts

As women, we are all going through the same life, albeit in divergent times and tracks. Some lead lives of quiet desperation, to paraphrase a famous book. Some are like Martha and some are like Mary, as parabled in another.… ...

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Edgy and at ease

A widely accepted convention of love is that opposites will attract. It’s proof is under our roof:

  • my husband, whose natural skin tone is the tan to which I aspire, married the lassie of peaches-and-cream, skin that necessitates sun screen, not nonchalance.
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Living Life as a Miracle: a trip to the Holy Land

The over-large postcard arrived in the mail, heralding an appealing offer: the maiden voyage of a Celebrity cruise, an eight-day Mediterranean itinerary that included the Holy Land.


Two days in Israel, not a large country, but laden with Christian treasures and barricaded by strife.… ...

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Muse – eum

nature     Nature is –

an ever-changing art museum. How lucky I am to have unlimited admission.

Where should I go to luxuriate in her glamour today, tomorrow, this summer, soon?

After six sets of house guests since January 1, hostessing other people’s vacations in our home, I need an adventure elsewhere – “Serenity Now!”...

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Bounce Back Bozo

If you could choose a cartoon metaphor for yourself, who or what would you be? It’s a great conversation starter at a party – try it sometime!

A group of friends chose Charlie Brown for me. Whaddayathink?

You recall the hapless champion of real, who sought the tender attentions of the world, yet even his dog talked back and became as famous as he.… ...

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