Month: April 2014


images-2Well, it took 30 years to arrive, but 1984 is here.

The novel was actually published in 1949, amidst the post WW2 euphoria. People thought George Orwell was dyspeptically grim, but it reached iconic, bestseller status anyway, infused with the universal paranoia that some men of letters are determined to feel.… ...

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CAbi Girl

$_35                              The label states: “I am a linen blended garment designed in such a way as to twist, bend and torque when washed. Please enjoy my fun insouciant look”

OK.  Now I will be well-armored for life in my new CAbi clothing.… ...

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Let it go

“Let it go,” the Christian smother says.

Let it go. Be free of angst and regret.

And, it strikes me suddenly:

what she really intends is

to be unfettered,

free of listening

to my burdens,

as I have listened to hers.… ...

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It’s just an orchid knit gown, fabric interwoven with gold lame thread.

Okay, it’s something special. Unique and Cinderella superb.

The dress was the prime item at a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Angels – and I looked like an angel in it, so of course I bought it, spending the inheritance before I knew it would be cut by one-third.… ...

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My husband and I like to adventure – within bounds, well-armed with plans and maps. For example, when we travel abroad we always book a packaged tour. We are free-flying, with erudite guidance so as not to feel out-of-sorts. Open-spaced with a pattern and plan – like the prettiest lace.… ...

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Amy’s Sassin’: STASHES novel excerpt

My mind is mostly where I converse when I’m in Jackie and Steve’s home. Maybe I’m schizophrenic, like my mom, but I think not. I have my wits about me. I try to blend into the family scene. Be pretty, be patient, be seated.… ...

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Design-Quote-inspiring-leadership-quotes-wallpaper_thumb  I yield to my husband, the master of details, while I perceive the nuances and the big picture. We each give the other RESPECT. as experienced in our partnership of faith, truth, and love.

Oh, and great peace.… ...

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It’s been a remarkable year, with most of our friends and family back East snowed in and under by weather: withering heights of snow, entrenched anxiety and disheveled spirits. Daggers of ice dripping from eaves, threatening to drive stakes into Spring.… ...

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