Month: June 2014

A Dash to the Stash: Colin the Squirrel

There once was a squirrel named Colin

Who was not in the habit of lollin’.

He scampered about

Busy, without doubt,

Gathering healthy nuts all in.


It was a rainy day, but when wasn’t it?

He had a fur coat, so he didn’t give a sh—!… ...

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Living Life as A Miracle with Her Majesty, the Queen

My husband and I have celebrated our anniversary in some spectacular fetes:

  • drinking darkly smoked beer among friends in Bamburg, Germany, a local delicacy that looked like Coke and tasted like bacon: it was unique!
  • purchasing patio furniture: two high-backed cushioned chairs and a cocktail table for our margaritas, gin and tonics, or wine to watch the Disneyland fireworks
  • dining at an intimate table for two at Old Vine Cafe, Costa Mesa, CA, where every course is inventively accented with a wine
  • sailing the Blue Danube on a river cruise from Budapest to Nuremburg, with the actual feast in an ancient cellar bar in Prague.
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What? Sounds like dialogue from Star Trek or Star Wars, doesn’t it, but these are acronyms straight from the USA.

It’s political initial talk/double speak – do you recognize, understand, or think it’s true?

Email me at

I know the acronyms and the truth.… ...

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Idioms and Idiots

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Sunday Driver

Sunday Driver: “One who drives slowly, as for leisure or sightseeing.”

'67 Chevy

Every Sunday afternoon, I recall clearly because I was at the “I want to learn to drive” age, my family went for a leisurely country drive. I wanted a turn, but…No.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: on the golf course

Okay, Readers, you know that this miracle didn’t happen to me: golf course would be your key words. But I know a miracle when I hear one, and this one is too clear not to report. As I’ve said before, our God is a clever God, he makes things happen in ways that anyone can believe.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle on the Midway

An angel walked up to our group shortly after we came aboard the Midway, the famous aircraft carrier that had recently been towed to berth in San Diego Harbor. The ‘captain’ of our crew was a veteran who’d served aboard such a vessel in WWII.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: the lost is found!

Today is our wedding anniversary! Hurrah and hallelujah!

Since I have been in a miracle mindset, let me repeat: one of the three best miracles of my life is the night I met Larry Colando by the beer keg. The other two are my birth and my re-birth.… ...

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Arrant: a rant


adjective: Complete; thorough.
Here’s a word that has had both its spelling and meaning bent out of shape from use. It’s a variant of errant (wandering). Earlier the word was used in the sense of wandering or vagrant, for example, an arrant thief or an arrant knave.
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