Month: July 2014

Holy Crap!



 … ...

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Words and music


We attended a U2 tribute band concert yesterday:  note-for-note, phrase-for-phrase exuberance. I recovered the muse. Music does that to me.

You, too?

Rock music unleashes the laces that bind us to commoners’ propriety, routine, and decorum. To rules embedded in culture and strife; to events that swarm to thwart the soul.… ...

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Natural Glow

All of us desire a natural glow – even if it comes in a tube.

Just as many people grant their desire to be a blonde by pouring the genie from a bottle.

While I don’t need the bottle, I definitely need the tube.… ...

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Time Confetti

I’ve heard a friend or two say that they have old age onset ADD. I guess that, in the land of initials, that would be OAOADD, which sounds too much like the “Old MacDonald” refrain to me.

Initially I plugged into the concept, especially when confronted near daily with my wandering teacup.… ...

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Air Force Amy and the Fat Farm

So you read about the sudden passage of my office mate, posted on May 28. This here is an addendum of pornographic quality…

Are you hooked yet?

My office mate died in January 2004, suddenly, harshly, and in a compressed time frame.… ...

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Living Life as Miracle: Office Move

Sometimes you don’t know who to ask.

Sometimes you feel like you’ve asked too much.

Sometimes you’re just self-reliant. It’s not a stubborn belief in self, but determination to accomplish that drives.

Sometimes you feel like you are constantly cupped in the hand of God, an unseen helper/enabler of all good.… ...

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I have been on a personal campaign, a vigorous solo force to recruit young men and women into the fold of speech-language pathology, the core of a legion of fixers of communication. Yeah, we all know about the role of psychologists and marriage-family-child therapists, but speech-language pathologists’ role should not be discounted.… ...

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Karla, the queen of smart ass

A few weeks ago we were in London town, and a few days ago I wrote about watching the Royals parade, a once yearly extravaganza of pomp, posh, and the circumstance of opening the English Parliament. A jolly good show, much better than the State of the Union.… ...

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