Month: August 2014

Sky Blue Pink

sunsetphotosgallerydotcomThe sunset last night was sky-blue-pink, a phrase that resonates from my childhood.

In a preteen directorial phase, i scampered about, mustering my siblings and neighborhood kids to enact plays. The flagstone patio of our backyard was a stage with a view of the river, the Ohio, in the city of Rising Sun.… ...

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Geezer Rock

We are devotees of Geezer Rock: we can’t help it that we’re older.

Our concerts are fewer and far between, the venues smaller and less grandiose: we can’t help it, the rock we prefer is older’....

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One-up womanship is a pain in the butt

Yesterday I met Predatory Pam for tea-and-me-and-thee. I hoped for mutual benefit.

When I arrived, in an area not in my ‘hood, she was posed in front of the coffee shop window, as if ensconced on a throne, well perched and poised, ready to – Strike.… ...

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Woodstock Nation: taking personal stock

woodstock-inside-3How would you have liked to awaken to the “Star Spangled Banner,” rendered on guitar by a black guitarist, one who invented a new way to work the strings with his overlong thumb? One who famously set his guitar on fire, actually as well as metaphorically.… ...

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Benefits of a Book

For three years I’ve been writing a book, a novel activity for me –

Stashes      I highly recommend it.

The title, STASHES, came from the Lord above, I swear. It just infused, floated into mind, with narrative arcs imagined, bit by bit over time.… ...

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The Great Walk

I carry in my wallet a picture of a heart: a schematic of my dad’s blockages and remedy shunts. On the back, listed in his own hand, are the dates of his pacemaker operations.

It’s a small plastic-coated card, meant as medic alert, the size of Master Card and its priceless tradition.… ...

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Feeling Tready

Are you aqua-fit or aqua-fat?Water-aerobics-3_medium_640

I don’t have to choose: I am both.

You see, my mindful fitness routine includes water aerobics. I’ve just attended my 100th class.

Feeling tready, I am.

However, my unmindful imbibing infuses its own routine: each week I lose three pounds and each weekend I gain them back.… ...

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