Month: November 2014


Been There. Done That.

Whew. Sometimes, you skip that amazing event because you crave a home stay, to read a book or watch TV or flick away idly at Facebook posts, while brutalizing your psyche with thoughts that you’ve missed a scrapbook moment, one for which it’s already too late.… ...

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Peter the Pumpkin Eater

Peter the Pumpkin Eater

Peter the Pumpkin EaterHere we are in the calendar year, in the calorie-laden territory of pumpkin; my husband craves its pie.

He is Larry the Pumpkin Pie Eater. With a belly to match his taste buds, though it doesn’t get in the way of hugs, so we nevermind.… ...

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Scarf It Up!

I once had a near-Nordstrom experience with Jessica Simpson, the smartest ‘dumb blonde’ of our generation. I walked by the South Coast Plaza store just as she dashed to her limousine and sped off. Cosmic timing a little off, I felt certain that she’s the one who missed out.… ...

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Word of the Day: Zeugma


Zeugma You know that I am a lover of words, alliteration, onomonopea, all syllables and sounds that glide off the tongue tip as smoothly as gin glides on.

Here’s a good one, a ‘doozie’ to behold: Zeugma.


Sounds like the car horn of yesteryear, doesn’t it!… ...

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All’s Hammers

Lisa Genova's "Still Alice" and Matthew Thomas' "We Are Not Ourselves"

Lisa Genova's "Still Alice" and Matthew Thomas' "We Are Not Ourselves"Alzheimer’s Disease has been a focus of the books I’ve read of late: Still Alice and We are Not Ourselves, a novel written by a UCI MFA that seemed like a son’s family tale, not fiction, unveiled in excruciating detail.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle with 3 other Ms


M&Ms M&Ms – one of my favorite candies, more endlessly edible than chips, which are my husband’s favored treat. M&Ms are equally devilish for both of us because their exterior crunches between the teeth (like potato chips), releasing the chocolate that I adore and he abides.… ...

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Nibbles and Hits

Hornitos Tequila and Trader Joe's Jail House Gin

Hornitos Tequila and Trader Joe's Jail House Gin “Nibbles and Hits”, a take on a popular television ad, is the topic of the day, as I consider the increasing frequency of marijuana-laced news. When the Laguna Woods Cannabis Collective scored a three page article with bodacious color pics in the Daily Pilot two weeks ago, it was a big bit, er hit!… ...

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