Month: January 2015

Habits: the final word

Is-Daydreaming-Good-For-YouHabit #11: Daydreaming

Sometimes if one ponders a problem endlessly, he/she becomes fully confused, stuck in one’s own maze of a brain. Reliving, Rehashing, Rehearsing = a Rut. Thoughts will remain limited – Rigid – if one adheres to one well-worn path in one’s conscious mind.… ...

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A Dawning Realisation

images“Wake up! The alarm failed. We’re late for work.”

The last sentence could only be surmised, words garbled as Elisabeth scurried to the kitchen to make tea.

I stumbled to the shower. Its chilled water tingled my backside and, as I lathered my arms, a realisation dawned.… ...

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The Up Side of Bad Habits, cont.

As you know, I’m all about the Up Side of life – there always is one, in any situation, and among my talents is finding it fast. I wrote a book about it; ’twas the text of a talk that wowed women at my church.… ...

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Habits to kick or not, cont.

disorganizedHabit #4: being disorganized = creative

Messy, discombobulated spaces people sound as if they’re making up a lame excuse by stating how disorder fosters creativity. Disarray they claim as their muse.

My husband Larry and I don’t make excuses. We are avowed ‘piles people’, fortunate that our home has plenty of square footage to sustain our creativity as well as ample space to entertain friends.… ...

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New Year’s Resolutions: Boon or Bust

All of us have bad habits, some badder than others.

Such as the people who break Commandments,Ten Commandments like ‘Thou shalt not murder, steal, and/or covet,” which are remarkably, regrettably bad.

According to a cutely credible pop culture book, ‘Everything Bad is Good for You’ by Steve Johnson, there is good news about some bad habits, though none of the ten.… ...

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Women are from Venus; Men are from Mars

Lights out at 7:35 p.m.

No, this is not a description of our Baby Boomer bedtime.

Lights off, TV becalmed, desktop computers no longer sleeping, but shut down. More importantly, the carefully-plugged in emergency light poised between the kitchen and family room did not come on to bathe us in imitation sunshine.… ...

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Look me in the eye

What I said in my outside voice: “Hi, good to see you again.”eyelid

What I said inside my head: “Look me in the eye, not the lids”, while the woman, an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in some time, scrutinized the space between my pupils and brows…focused on my eyelids while she blathered peppy inane.… ...

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