Month: February 2015

Eight Days a Week

Baby Boomer that I am – spending miserly, shopping for deals – at Sam’s I am not.

Bill Engdahl enthusiast that I am, often smugly saying “here’s your sign” to some idiot.

The sign pictured is not on a Wal-Mart wall, the box store famed for online photos of ridiculously garbed folk, the Wal-Martians..… ...

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Trust Your Gut

2014-05-29-gut There’s much discussion these days about one’s gut health. Among medical practioniers of all ilks. Much of it gyrates about glutton and gluten, words that share letter sequences. Hm-m-nn.

I have to admit that I Align better with this discussion of this new health wrinkle than a discussion of one’s ills and pills.… ...

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Monumental Shrink

Raise your hand if you’ve been measured during a health physical recently, and then informed with that bland, benign smile that only doctors and judges wear, that you’ve shrunk?

It’s what happened while you were walking around all these years, perhaps experiencing pats and/or bats on the head.… ...

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Silver Architecture

‘Silver architecture’: what image does this phrase evoke for you?

I’m all about inventive, creative language, avoiding trite like the plague. I like this phrase.

It’s source is an article in The New York Times, the paper of the preferred Best Seller list, the author pinnacle of prestige.… ...

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In reference to a prior post,, supplant this list for a Happy New Year:

1. Give up saying “yes” when you mean “no”.

2. Give up trying to please everyone, caring what ‘they’ think.

3. Give up participating in gossip.… ...

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The Seven Year Pen

So… I had a Big Birthday. Huge number. Big, almighty geez.

How it affected me is unclear – to discover the scope of my thoughts, perspectives, and feelings is a reason to write, as you know. The process is amusing, not constraining.… ...

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Quartzsite Campers

boxedwinePour yourself a glass of Cardboardeaux, a beverage that we saw often in Quartzsite, AZ.

This minuscule berg consists of a few blocks of buildings hugging I-10, just across the CA border. It’s swaddled by vast expanses of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) sand, buttes, and scrub grass, and it’s population bulges in wintertime.… ...

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water zenWhat do you consider as peak achievement, a moment of zen? I’ve had many in my career as an SLP, many in my careers as loving wife, daughter, and friend. You’ve read some of them here. My life as a Miracle.… ...

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