Month: March 2015

Life as a Miracle: Arena Rock

images-2The guttural, low-toned chant of “Br-r-u-u-ce!” chilled me as it reverberated the Coliseum. Lar and I stood in front of our folding chairs, among others filing on the grass field to densely emulate chalk lines. The scene was not the Olympics, for these has passed through LA the year prior.… ...

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Life as a Road Trip Miracle

It was a spectacular summer day in Hoosierland, and we were on the fly. Radio rocking our rental car, zooming at 75 mph on the Interstate, slicing Midwestern humidity like a butter knife.

We’d landed at O’Hare a couple of days earlier, intent on re-connecting first with old friends in Wilmette, Illinois.… ...

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Closet Case

searchSwapping out clothes – Winter for Summer wares – an annual rite of Spring. A household cleansing of spirit, re-connecting with my wealth of wear via the mundane.

As I sheathed and unsheathed the clothes according to their seasons, repurposing plastic cleaner bags to shield them from six months of dust, I noted how many of the clothes hadn’t been worn… Once.… ...

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Limericks are a form of poetry, an affinity I inherited from my dad. I can quickly quip, like he did. This makes my heart glad.

‘Tis fitting to speak of this after eating my fill of corned beef and cabbage to celebrate St.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: My Lazarus Dad

There are few words that can tilt your world faster than “You’re fired.”

Unless it’s “Your dad’s in a coma and not expected to live.”

Two conversational clips that I heard within an hour seven years ago. St. Patty’s wasn’t my dad’s lucky day – nor was it mine – in 2008.… ...

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Stashes by PJ Colando

small STASHES Hi PJ,

I wanted you to know that I just finished your book and enjoyed it very much. You always had such fun with words and this was still was very evident in Stashes. There was a combination of complexity and playfulness that reminded me of the Patti I used to know....

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If You Give a Writer a Pen…

In my pediatric speech-language pathology practice, children’s literature was an integral therapy tool. Its use validated the spoken words’ link to reading and fostered parent follow-through at home.

So, I know a thing or two about famous children’s books. Ones that endure to be prime. … ...

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Sincerely Yours

fiction in 50Dear Diet,

Let’s break up. I didn’t lose the doc’s recommended ten pounds last year.

Instead I’ve added three more since New Year’s.

It’s a weighty matter – I give up.

I’ll lose weight when I quit you. After all I’ve lost pounds in my pocketbook.… ...

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Close encounter of a new kind: Starbucks Nation

UnknownI’m as addicted as anyone to my cuppa…Starbucks Chai Tea. Skinny please.

Especially when in the midst of a string of out-and-about errands. While I didn’t have many city streets to trek, I had a list of errands as long as my forearm.… ...

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