Month: April 2015

Coachella is not a handbag brand

CountryAt raucous provocation rock-and-roll music excels, bested only by rap for how it can build you up from what beat you down.

Some bands begin with their name, but talent is what truly makes the name:

Beck, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Jane’s Addiction, The Chemical Brothers, Bjork, Oasis, Foo Fighters, Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, The Cure, Coldplay, Black Star, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Tuesto, Jack Johnson, Prince, Roger Waters, Paul McCartney, The Killers, The Cure, Jay-Z, Muse, Gorillaz, Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, Kanye West, The Strokes, Swedish House Mafia, The Black Keys, Dr.… ...

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The trouble with…

The trouble with pain is its persistence, unlike memory or friends. It nags you like your mom before your first day of school – or your dad after your last.

Take an aspirin…

Aspirin absolves pain – without clear explanation.

Perhaps I should have aspirin talk to my mom and dad.… ...

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64-color Crayola Box

What do you recall from the first day of school?

What rite of passage pleased you most: your novelty lunchbox, new clothes, a fresh hair cut? What accompanied your catapult from carefree kinder and endless opportunities for mayhem?

What rite of passage piqued you on the hallowed day: your mother’s kiss to your forehead in front of your pals, a fist fight at the first recess, lunch money lost in a crack of the school bus seat, a torn shoelace?… ...

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The Flu Flew

Never underestimate the therapeutic power of driving 80 mph along a coast.

With the top down, radio blasting Bruce tunes.

fluI was cuddled in blankets up to my chin just a few hours earlier, my chest heaving after each volcanic cough.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Lost and Found

A fan/friend told me that she relishes the tales I write from life…

luckyI do, too. Especially when it comes to citing miracles. What follows is among the best, one that shouts ‘luck of the Irish’, followed by a chaser of champagne or beer.… ...

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Ambivalent America

Ambivalence pervades America. Fear lurks, invading souls. As peers freely spew hate-filled rhetoric, I long to invoke my freedom to plug my ears. Perhaps that’s why so many younger folks walk about with earbuds…

In fact, divergence of mind set and values was embedded in our country’s DNA.… ...

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Fancy plushitous

shoesPlantar facitis – I have it again.

Oopsy, the shoes I’ve been wearing.

Oopsy, a mash-up of syllables and sounds again.

What’s a girl to do – go shoe shopping, of course!

One can not mend a brain, so one must spend –

Retail therapy is better than the cognitive kind.… ...

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Cooperation, competition – which side of human nature’s divide do you stride?

Do you recall this post:

I can’t forget it; it seems to be the pattern of my life.

I wish, I wish, I wish, that co-opetition was the game.… ...

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Boomer Humor Taboo

pool humorSomeone told me a long time ago, perhaps my dad, the superior punster: sense of humor changes as you progress through the years.

Topics that make you LOL differ at age 26 versus 62…BUT I’m swimmingly unappreciative of this cartoon.… ...

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