Month: May 2015

Co-Variation Dance

I’ve long known that TIME and MONEY co-vary, but have recently detected a new element in the mix: ENERGY. The co-variance of these components can be drawn thus:11070090_1622067078013236_3056926056105032499_n

My Constant reader friend, where are you on this graphic? Does it shift hour-to-hour, day-to-day?… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: Purple Hearts

P1050186A dozen purple hearts dance around my wrist alongside a sapphire as blue as my eyes, which not like the middle Eastern evil eye amulet, thank heaven.

  • Amethyst beauties that wouldn’t bedazzle if it hadn’t been for a miracle, a coincidence of God.
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No Doubt


There it was in print, bold at the top of an ad. The name of one of our favorite rock bands, not the state. In concert in Cerritos.

Though it was nearly an hour’s drive north east of our home, Larry and I were down.… ...

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Red Ferrari

It was a day threatening to rain more than the dabbles on our deck. It was also the day prior to a haircut… So I selected my orange fedora, blonde wisps peeking askew when I placed it atop my head. I got in my Mini Cooper to drive the freeway on errands.… ...

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$_35“I’m blonde; what’s your excuse?” says my license plate frame.

If you believe that, you are the dumb one and not me.

Get it? Perhaps it’s a writer thing, a precision vocabularist’s tic. Think about it. I’ll wait.

I am a supremely accepting person, with open interest for diverse people and things – I love to grow and learn. … ...

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A Talent for Refuting Reality

I am ardent, authentic, and undeniably out-going, a perennially chipper sort, a habit that astonishes people who’ve known me over time.

After all, reality bites, doesn’t it? Life episodes hammer at one’s spirit, sending a person to drink or hunker down.… ...

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UnknownYou could see it coming, but just not today.

No, it wasn’t a lottery win for PJC. If it was for you, don’t tell me. Please and thank you.

Today I heard a radio ad for With the refrain, “It’s not fair….we’ll… ...

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Mother’s Magic Wand

There were few things that Larry and I retrieved when the sibling group cleaned-and-cleared out our parents home after my dad’s death. After all, I had wanted parents, not remnants of life and love lost.

My husband wanted my mom’s ironing board, a wistful ode to her thorough caring.… ...

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