Month: June 2015

School’s Out

Recently I voiced a line in my writers’ group that astonished me in its insightful clarity: I colored between the lines for twelve years because my father was the principal of the school I attended.

(wait there’s more: I must embellish and  amend this written account of the moment to give equal time to my mother) Before that I colored in the lines because my mother was my tutor and purchaser of my school supplies.  … ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: backroad towns

Awhile ago, I wrote a short post about averting a speeding ticket

My husband reminded me recently that he has the touch of innocence to thwart a ticket, too. We’ll call it the Midas of Sincere. Here’s the story, I kid not, appropriate for post-Fathers’ Day read.… ...

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Nut Free or Not

We recently returned from two weeks in Scandinavia, traveling by bus, ferry, and train through the majestically mountainous and lavishly green terrain of three countries: Sweden,  Denmark, and Norway.

These countries are filled with famously contented people, perhaps because their combined population is just a few million more than the entire LA Basin (Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside Counties).… ...

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On the ragged edge of Physics

imagesOn the ragged edge of Physics, I walk – though not in stilettos like these. I dislike the color green…  As well as the prospect of pitching forward, face planted in pavement, clothing ruined and ego stubbed like my toes.

Foot and knee foibles are an inheritance, and good posture is not among my best traits, despite my mother’s and chiropractors’ tutelage. … ...

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12 life hacks Mom and Dad didn’t teach

1#1. The simplest way to slice a bunch of cherry tomatoes is to sandwich them between two plastic lids and run a long knife through all of them at once! This will come in handy when my husband’s crop avalanches in a month. … ...

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The Opinions of the Husband

P1050176Legend has it that three days passed between when my mother’s father hung this trivet on the kitchen wall, next to the sink used multiple times each day, before my grandmother noticed it.

When my grandmother passed, this was my request from their household, my grandparents’ earthly goods in Greensburg, Indiana.… ...

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Controlled Chaos

imagesMy desk is like my mind – an interesting, colorful chaos prevails.

I like it that way.

My mind and desk are organized; I can find most things rapidly.

I like it that way, too.

Creative whirlwind types, like me, can compartmentalize.

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cash, trash, hashes and bashes – it’s all stashed in politics

states2A half dozen Republicans have already declared their intentions to be our President, in an election that is over 500 days away. With another half dozen stealth-sniffing their trunks around the U.S., seeking to suck up cash. With the $$$$$$$$$$ they garner, we could probably pay off the national debt. ...

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