Month: August 2015

A before B and C = see you later

I scrutinized my look in the mirror. Closely, as I tried to re-create the facial expression at the moment when that woman asked me my age.

Though I’d slept on the sensation (the conversation occurred the previous evening), I still fully recalled the internal commotion incited by the hissy-whispered request.… ...

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“Please don’t!” I heard myself say and, expeditiously, my guest complied.

I couldn’t believe that I was refusing help in the kitchen, to clean up after a dinner party, but I was… She needed to be arrested.

Because she was at our kitchen sink, lavishingly spraying each utensil and plate, squandering water while we are all residing in drought.… ...

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Social Life

social lifeOur social life has migrated to the middle of the week? Has yours as well?

That is, we often get together with friends on Hump Day, though without the camel, thank you very much:

It seems that all of our local friends are baby-sitting their grands (you know I’m not referring to pianos, right?), so that the adult children can go out on the town and, well, date on weekends.… ...

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Spacey in Macy’s

We have to attend two weddings soon. Hadn’t been to one in a few years and, wouldn’t you know it, the gaggle of gowns hanging in the closet don’t fit. Must be that languishing forlornly shrinky-dinks sequins. Satin and polyester, too.… ...

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High School Glad

Here I sit, in front of my Mac, where, a few moments ago, I was transported, like a famous movie in reverse, back to the past.

High school reunion via Skype, an innovation that wasn’t featured in

It was great fun.… ...

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