Month: September 2015

Efficient vs. Effective

As you know I like word play. Some call me a word nerd, though I could have been a math geek based on my SAT scores. The affinity is a direct result of being an early reader, a skill nurtured strongly by both parents who were avid readers themselves.… ...

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Adult; a dolt; a lot; adultery; daunted; dated; elated; unadulterated; undulate; dull; lull; loll

A doll; LOL–just a little word play to take the edge off of my full plate. Congratulate!

























It’s the end of summer abandon, time to be an adult, Babe!… ...

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Seasons 57

I was seated in the prime spot, 180 degrees opposite the double glass entry door, which afforded great light from a final summer day. I had just ordered a flight of Remarkable Reds, paying a premium for the privilege to sample three wines along with a platter of flatbread pizza that spanned the bar’s gleaming top (the width, not length; this is not a tale of loaves and fishes, folks).… ...

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Busy Vees

My husband and I enjoy meeting people. I’ve often been called a social butterfly, and he’s one, too. In proper male terms, of course. Honest interest in others is infectious; it gains us many acquaintances and friends.

In any conversation’s opening dance , the questions are tentative, formulaic.… ...

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New Car

Remember when the annual fall arrival of newly-designed automobiles arrived at one’s local dealer?

Please say that you do, Baby Boomer or other generational reader. Please placate the writer; it’s the premise of this post.

The big reveal was standardized amongst the auto manufacturers, all American, all based in Detroit, though Studebaker and others made a run.… ...

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Walk like a Norwegian

Can you overlay the title paraphrase on the Bangles’ hit song? The mesmerizing melody could haunt…

If you can’t, here’s help from your friend, Youtube:

I’ve been attempting to walk like a Norwegian for several months, greatly affected by the hyper erect posture of the country’s people, universally witnessed throughout Scandinavia actually, where we touristed for two weeks.… ...

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Simple, simple, simple

My Boomer friends and I are fuming. It feels better to be fribbly fuss-budget than be-fuddled. Agreed?

Our griping may be similar to the Angry White Man diatribes, the male version of snark, about Every Thing that’s Wrong with America.… ...

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