Month: October 2015

Not Melancholy – Mellencamp

I was working my network to become a back-up singer for John Mellencamp, when –

Hey, wait, if you find that unbelievable, I certify that he’s a Hoosier. Look up his bio, listen to his song lyrics, note his enduring support of Farm Aid

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StashesI am writing a sequel to my novel, Stashes. I miss my characters: Jackie and Steve Breeden, pictured to perfection on the cover by the illustrator, Cliff Cramp (yup, he of the Star Wars dvd covers’ fame).

I miss their life misadventures, and there was an open loop in the narrative that begged for the sequel.… ...

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I’m Not Twelve

I’m fifty years past my tweens, those years of perpetually-perplexed living. I am an adult. I seldom squabble or complain, behaving hyper-responsibly to problem-solve my own good end. I may have retired from working, but I didn’t retire from thinking.

I’ve encountered a trio of wtf/duh, stupendously stupid replies when I shared a concern conversationally in the past few weeks.… ...

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Living Life as A Miracle: Appliance

ringThe first rule of marriage, in our union anyway, is that only one person can go crazy at a time.

Typically neither of us is crazed, needy, or implosive; we go easy on each other. Ours in a home of placidity, a stable base to walk among the wasted, worrisome, and wicked ones of the world....

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