Month: November 2015

Grant Boys

I’m sitting here – amusing the muse – in my new Levi’s 5 pocket jeans, feeling well-dressed and sassy because I achieved the basic female criteria for new clothes:

  1. unnamedthey look good
  2. they feel good
  3. I got a good deal
  4. my husband took me shopping and said, “Buy whatever you want.”
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Past as Prologue: Iowa Writers approve

I know them well; watched them grow up alongside me. Grow up, grow gray, grow weary—all hastened by escapades between those commas.

UnknownJackie and Steve Breeden live on a small farm, the vintage dream of the American Midwest. The vast fields surrounding their home have long been held by Steve’s family, but are cash-rented to neighbors who possess fresh burnished resolve.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Seven Turns

We’ve returned from a visit with forty-year friends, a couple with whom we ‘co-courted’. Courting seems a quaint term, perhaps, but applies because we were all beyond ‘dating’ and, well, date is a calendared term linked to age… Which causes one to contemplate history, which couples and dear friends have.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: US

On Monday I shared my view of an enormously satisfying event and I hope that you’ve been graced with sighting it, too: a Taurid meteor shower. What a treat of Nature! “Look! Up in the sky, it’s —-!”

Ten years ago, Larry and I celebrated another unearthly magical night, an arena rock event with music that soared into space.… ...

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“You are a shooting star”

On Saturday night, a group of us were witness to an other-worldly sight, a spectacle that began with a sparkler streaking left to right across the sky…it dissolved into a green flash, larger and stronger than the sunset over the ocean type.… ...

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Double entendre words

We’re all aware of double entendre, a French phrase that masks dirty tricks of language, sexual innuendo and such. I recall an embarrassing attempt to titter beyond my parent’s Squaresville comprehension once as a teen. Only once. Nevermore…I’d forgotten that they’d been teens, too.… ...

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