Month: December 2015


Tis the season of giving, sparked by Giving Tuesday on December 1. I hope you gave your heart out that day along with lots of dough (not the bakery kind, though I posted about that last week). If you didn’t replace the jingle of personally pocketed coins with Santa’s spirited jingle bells as you wrote checks on that day, do so now while you listen to this:

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I just went over to bake Christmas cookies…

P1030509I just went over to communally bake cookies and I was barely ten feet and ten minutes inside the door when

she pounced without an ounce of compunction to ask: “Do you say ‘Merry Christmas’ in greeting at this time of year?”… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: Broken

Dang! The ancient stretch cord holding the beads and bangles of a Christmas bracelet broke, and all of the baubles came tumbling down. Just as we headed out to church service on Sunday. My wrist would not be holiday-adorned.

Crunch! I nearly fell as I stepped from the curb into our car to drive away from said service, my heart filled with hope, joy, and love.… ...

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Alzheimer’s App?

“There’s an app for that.” It’s become as ubiquitous as “Can you hear me now? or “Ask Siri.”

While smart phone’s innards are famously smarter than the computers aboard Apollo 13, the ill-fated mission that limped back to Earth by the grit, brains, and determination of three gifted astronauts (read more:

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There’s little worse than being cornered into conversing with a reformed _________. Insert your own term from this list, please: alcoholic, sinner, fatty, cigarette smoker, slut… (or tell me your own in a comment)

If ever there was a toxic talker, it’s those who’ve turned on a dime, with tons of information to support their convince-you harangue.… ...

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No salad course, of course


DRINKING: because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad.

The provocative phrase, written on a cocktail napkin of vibrant blue hue, drew a laugh and my quick purchase at a local gift shop. It’s evoked many a laugh since, as we shared among guests in our home.… ...

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