Month: January 2016

Recipro City


  • Does parity float your boat?
  • Does turn-taking twirl your world?
  • Does your life feel like a lucky charm or the bottom of a scum-laden bog?
  • Does a reward of reciprocity exist?

  • Does helping others have to make me feel shaken, forsaken, all wet?
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My dietary aspirations have taken a pratfall again. It’s not my fault; it’s self-licensing.

Never heard of the inherent human travail before? Here’s your definition of the Word of the Day: n. The unconscious tendency to allow yourself to do something bad after you’ve done something good. ...

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The other day I wrote about narrative arc, positing that a famous, mega-selling author eschews the literary cornerstone. His protagonist, Jack Reacher, never changes, and readers, especially women of a certain age, love him.

But Jack Reacher is fiction, and Ethan Couch is not.… ...

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Narrative Arc

280px-1965_Rambler_Classic_770_convertible-whiteSpoiler alert: this post is a Rambler with no Narrative Arc.

Narrative Arc is not like Noah’s Ark, a Biblical tale with a narrative arc, if there ever was one. Imagine it: all of the critters of the world, cruising 2×2.… ...

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It’s All Good

alignmentI am PJ Colando and this is my daily appointment to write.

Be fast or you won’t see this post – it’s a blog course assignment and I purloined the media…

So, this post may be toast before long. I’m an Irish lassie, believing in order, but not always law.… ...

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images-2Cars honking, leaf blower buzzing, ambulance chasing, copters chopping, radios blasting, dogs barking, toddlers wailing, a murder of crows cawing at a bobcat strolling the ‘hood… what do these have in common?

No, this is not a parody of the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’, Constant Reader; the common feature is NOISE! ...

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