Month: March 2016

Living Life as a Miracle: Mother Speaks Up

There's Always An Upside by PJ ColandoTen years ago, days before my birthday, my mother suffered a massive stroke. An incident that brought me to church, a miraculous God-incidence that I have testified and written about. You can purchase the book on my website,

It was also a few days before my fourth chemotherapy to fight breast cancer.… ...

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Pride isn’t Power

PJ and Lary 2014-39bFor our 12th anniversary my husband gave me a significant ring.

He also made a significant promise: that we’d travel abroad at least once/year for the rest of our lives. We’d achieved his travel goal of seeing all of our magnificent 50 states first, adventures that we shared and enjoyed.… ...

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I had a beauty make-over in the 80s at Image Works with my splendid friend, Sandi Clark. The purpose was to authenticate my adulthood, my move from co-ed to professional woman, if you will.

  • she added lipstick to ‘bring color to my face’, overriding the ’70s bare lips look
  • she insisted that I tweeze my eyebrows and
  • she suggested that I color my hair red

While I adopted the first, I declined #2 and #3.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Narelle and Ed

My husband and I revel in travel. We’ve been to all 50 states and 40 countries in the world. Hurrah!

Our travel agent is a fortunate man because we usually bring our trips to him, so that he books appropriate air travel and the occasional side excursion, benefitting from the fees that our tour company pays to booking agents.… ...

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Zippety-doo-dahOkay. I confess. We washed my car last week. In our driveway. At home. In drought-cursed California.

My thinking was simple: we’d been gone a month on vacation, so our water usage declined. No laundry, no toilet flushing, no dishwasher run.… ...

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“These boots are made for walking…” but that’s not what they’ve been doing…


I purchased these boots last October to prepare for the much-craved El Nino rains. California’s crops and people were thirsty. Typical winter in soCal provides abundant water, but we hadn’t had typical in years; this year there’d be more as per needs, er demands.… ...

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