Month: April 2016

Trivial Truths

Trivial truths. The Days of Our lives.

This is the story of Stashes and Hashes & Bashes and the already-conceived Mucho Cash.

Trivial truths.

That’s what life is about. Not espionage, insurgents and counter-insurgents, cyber crime, and such. Not on my street or yours or many others either.… ...

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Be and Do

Be and Do is the great divide, a conundrum of Christian faiths’ diversity.

What is your belief? To which do you cling: salvation by grace or deeds?

Consider this profound phrase that I can provide:

one can be loving, but one can not do loving.
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Comparison is the Thief of Joy

10313731_10153910149753707_6666291755952769009_nAs we all know, nothing distinguishes your friends from the false like adversity. We’ve all had samples of that. Unwarranted and unwelcome reinforcements of your sad, mad, and/or bad can overwhelm glad for you. It’s as if the false are in cahoots with the devil, in a parody of friends.… ...

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Competent Ones

We are the competent ones. We are the ones who carry on, who become stoic instead of hysterical, the ones who shoulder a weight like it is nothing, nothing at all. We are the ones who make it right for everyone, who don’t say no if you need help, but almost always say no to ourselves.… ...

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I have this teeshirt. I don’t wear it much. Not many of my peer peeps ‘get’ it. Any more than they ‘get’ Irony.

Since I am of the Boomer age, many peers are wrinkly, which may causally relate…  Though one would think differently after looking at a picture of a brain, the body part where irony resides, which is decidedly wrinkly inside our pate.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Mini

Zippety-doo-dahI’d never loved my Mini more, and I’d never loved it less.

After I share what Zippety-Do-Dah did and can-do, you’ll rush to a dealer to purchase. Do without regret.

Last Saturday, my husband abbreviated his gym work-out to arrive home in time to pack me and my book-selling booty into the back of his SUV.… ...

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