Month: May 2016

What Makes You Cry?

51MCA83CJnL._SX300_The intersection between what you desire and what your God desires is the provenance of the happy dance. There’s no denying the zen derivative: a pleasurable, peaceable life. Heaven bound.

But where and what’s the map, Honey Be-doers? (anyone here a graduate of Romper Room TV)

There’s the primer that ignited many with religious fervor: The Purpose-Driven Life.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Hole in the Earth

I declined to crawl the channel under the Great Pyramid of Giza. We forsook the catacombs of Rome.

I couldn’t bare to read the spelunking passages of Nevada Barr’s book about caving in a national park. She was a favorite author; I read her mysteries serially.… ...

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Neighborly Way

A great thing occurred the other day. I emerged from our home, eager for a gentle stroll, and talked with neighbors: one, two, three, four. A fifth a day later. A sixth is traveling in the Southern Hemisphere. We’ll talk with her when she gets back.… ...

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Never Say Die

12143085_911170462300284_2457852695751020278_nSeveral weeks ago my husband and I flew, turn-around quick, to Michigan to attend the funeral of one of his mentors, the father of his high school chum. The flight, turbulent literally and figuratively, took far less time than the famous farmer shown, but we were no less dedicated to the trip.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: LAX Crosswalk

airport-739311_640It was late night and I was alone. At LAX, a pinpoint on the daily passenger map, estimated back then at 50 million people a day. A minuscule ant among those traveling hither-thither-and-yon.

Scared. You bet I was. Even a near miss wouldn’t do: I needed to re-unite with my man.… ...

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My Closeted Self

I’m Midwestern enough to trade out summer vs winter season clothing in my closet. A custom accustomed to.

I’m also wealthy enough to afford new clothes at my whim. I have two closets – what about you?

gucci-wool-coatNot that I overdo it, mind you.… ...

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