Month: June 2016

Buddy, Can You Spare a Friend?

1908349_10203174850745683_3328140649774821826_nFriends share secrets, feeling safe in the hearts and minds, that acceptance with be theirs, no matter what. Each of us has a few, one of them being our Father.

But, but, but, but: have you ever repressed a truth? Not a fib, a flub, or white lie, but a lapse, really.… ...

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Kill Your Darlings

“Kill your darlings” is literary gospel, a ubiquitous phrase that commands action upon one’s prose. Cut, kill, slash, rewrite. Trim the superfluous flab.

Popularized in novel and screenwriting guides in the ’90s, it’s been ascribed to William Faulkner, Oscar Wilde, Eudora Welty (now there’s a name worthy of a book character), G.K.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: iPhone Home

My husband and I are not obsessive text-tweet-selfie-posting fools. When we vacation, we unplug. In today’s vernacular the term is off-grid: no emails, no postcards, no phone home. We liberate ourselves from the entrapments of daily life and self-interest to immerse ourselves in what’s new, immense, and worshipful abroad, to grow larger versions of ourselves.… ...

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A Suit of Cynicism and Snark

imagesCharlie Brown used to be a media star, someone that everyone knew and talked about. He was hapless and made us smile. We saw a bit of ourselves in him.

Now it’s Harambe, a Three-year-old Boy, and the Boy’s momma whose voice is heard on the endless iPhone video play.… ...

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Don’t Project on Me

2000px-Gadsden_flag.svgThis is a famous flag from the American Revolution. According to Wikipedia, it’s called the Gadsden flag.

I plan to adapt it for my own: Don’t Project on Me. Call it the Colando flag. Ours will be aqua blue-green.

Perhaps I should tat it upon my sleeve, right above the heart that I wear.… ...

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