Month: September 2016

Miss Humble Universe

Ok. So last week I posted about a Miss America Moment

Breathless, elated, soaring yet grounded by a fresh floral scent… This post goes further. It’s a wonder I didn’t keel over in shock.


I felt like my conference name tag looks in this pic.… ...

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Miss America

That moment, that Miss America Moment, when you arrive at a venue, breathless and brisk, unintentionally delayed by a bazillion red lights –

That moment when you whisk in the door, hoping to be surreptitious, but are greeted with sea of smiles and sprinkle of waves –

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Covert War: pool vs. plants

We’ve just returned from a near-week away. It was good to return home – to our much-beloved house.

You see, I can not help but worry a bit. California has been under drought siege for a longer period of time than any of us residents recall.… ...

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Drivers Ed

Summer has officially ended in CA. Not because of weather, because seasons are irrelevant here, but school starts tomorrow. Mothers and fathers throughout the state are as elated as their kids. Structure has arrived!

So, at a neighborhood party this past weekend all conversation revolved around school, despite the fact that neither my husband and I are teachers nor do we have children who attend.… ...

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