Month: November 2016

Pregnant Pause

“Whatever happened to Sarah Sota?” the snide talking head inquired.

“Her business card is on the table near your left hand. Why don’t you pick it up and call her?” I benignly, sincerely said.

Her fluffy face blanched but she didn’t chance a glance: at me nor the card.… ...

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I am a Process, not a Product Person. A PP, not a PP: pick your poison, peeps. I enjoy/dislike the act of doing/achieving more than the outcome/aftermath.

Process vs. Product. It’s an education learning theory about how one absorbs and retains information learned.… ...

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I don’t say “hella”

PJ Colando | Hashes & Bashes

“I like reading your book, PJ. I’m getting to know your personality better,” she said as she paddled and kicked in water aerobics class.

I smiled as I paddled and kicked, too. Nice to receive a direct reader compliment. She’d honored my endeavor of writing a book – a year-and-a-half of my life – by buying it, and now she gave me more.… ...

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A Cautionary TALE

 The good news is that my knees didn’t buckle, bend the wrong way, or creak during Thai travel.
The bad news evoked more revery than a single sentence…
Fragile, cautious, in jeopardy. Not feelings I’d ever experienced before. Never a victim of robbery or rape, I’d lived a face-forward life.
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