Month: December 2016


My belief system should be clear to you, Constant Reader. I’ve often used the Einstein quote in my four years of blog-iverse blather. There is a God and He offers miracles daily. I believe. It’s a choice.

I also had grand Parents, who tried their best to get along and raise four kids…though they didn’t raise the siblings to get along with me.… ...

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Pure Fiction, out of my league

The elf raised the wooden stamp as high as his bruised elbow allowed. He paused, scrunched his eyes, and listened intently, hoping that someone, something, anything would intervene.

His heart ached as much as his arm. Kerthumped in his chest. A chest that didn’t rise or fall—because he couldn’t breathe.… ...

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The New Forthright

A friend passed along a quote from an article in The New Yorker magazine a month ago, soon after the election that rock-em-shock-em freaked out the world. Citizens, not merely American ones, endured a year-and-a-half election cycle that devolved devlishly daily.… ...

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Nostalgia and Angst

It’s Christmas/Kwanza/Hannukah season – and dozens more holidays around the world. Peace and joy!

Tis the season of celebration. Tis the season of frenzied preparation and sumptuous feasting: go-go-go, gulp!

Tis the season of nostalgia. Tis the season of angst.

Tis the season to be jolly for some… To others its the season to stir the pot.… ...

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