Month: May 2017

Plot or Plod: either way you market, it’s work

Let’s consider two words: Plot and Plod. Notice that I didn’t include their near-partner, Ploy, a word which has slimy connotation. To market effectively, it’s best to have a Plan. We all know the Goal – to sell books – but how we get there will differ.… ...

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Fee or Free – do some of each to market

Fee or free depends as much on your time, your tolerance for uncertain outcomes, etc. as it does your budget.

While some authors swear by giveaway, other disdain the ploy. Sure, it’ll bump your Amazon ranking initially but over the long haul does it work?… ...

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Crazy #8 Marketing Tip for Authors

Three’s a crowd, yet I’ve posted a picture of three for marketing tip #8 because we are going to enter crowds.

These are three ideas in my continuing format of Dos and Don’ts of Marketing. I’ve posted twice/week this month, so you may review all my tips if the current trio interest you – you can review the prior ones, even if they don’t.… ...

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Lucky #7 Marketing Tip

‘Lucky’ is an anti-compliment I’ve come to despise: people constantly avenge their perceived lack of good fortune by deriding mine with the banal, “You just lucky.” While my pastor coached me to smile and respond, “Yes, I am blessed,” people continued to hurl it like a curse.… ...

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Fix Your Sales with Marketing Tip #6

OK, you caught me. I like alliteration and rhymes, so I had to use the word ‘fix’ to go with ‘six.’

PJ ColandoBut I’m not being genuine in the title because I. Can’t. Fix. Your. Marketing and Sales. That’s your task. I’ve been sharing, twice weekly in the merry month of May, my marketing experience, not my expertise. ...

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Marketing Tip #5: Be Present and Alive

# 5 marketing tip and our relationship is still alive – cool! It’s nice when relationships come full circle and communal in worth. You’re not taking a bite out of anyone else’s sandwich unless invited. Saliva swapping only works in lust.… ...

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#4 = Social Media Know-how and Who

Hello, Constant Reader – are you back for more? What a glutton for punishment you are… sometimes writing feels like a prison sentence, not the free expression I crave.

After you’ve written the best prose you can, you need to be a hero for yourself.… ...

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Author Presence on Amazon or Not

To market, to market to buy a fat pig… Authors who want to sell, market their books.In this scenario, I is de TEAM…

We do it the all-American way, with vigor, self-reliance, and aplomb! It’s either me, myself, and I, otherwise known as we, not them, the sillies, the lackies, the flakes…the authors who bluster and cry and blame their publisher (often themselves) for their floundering sales.… ...

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DO and DON’T Marketing Sense #2

Here’s another sandwich for you to digest, another dose a la PJ, the poster child for what not to do when writing-and-marketing a book. I’ve tried to trim the fat, the calories that make you fat-and-sassy, but not necessarily savvy. Broke and not better for it, weeping before the end of the month when nothing’s in your wallet or your Amazon sales chart.… ...

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DO and DO NOT: Marketing Sense

Sense. Scents. Dollars and Cents.

Here are my two cents on Marketing Books. What’s worked for me = DO. What hasn’t worked and/or doesn’t appeal = DON’T. That is, methods of marketing that I think stink.

Presented via the sandwich method I used to pair praise with reprimand and/or imperative throughout a blazingly successful career in speech-language pathology.… ...

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