Month: June 2017

The Benefits of a fitbit

Are you fit? Even a little bit, if not a lot?

Are you keeping the middle-age fat monster at bay? The bad animal who climbed, uninvited, into your cells to slow your metabolism? The fink!

If ever there was something to rage about age, this is it… I desire a return to my teenage metabolism.… ...

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Happy Father’s Day Forever: “You’re the best daughter…”

There's Always An Upside by PJ ColandoI’ve written before about the ultimate affirmation I received from my mother and my God. Sometimes, due to the control she wielded over the entire household – our schedule, our food, our feelings – Mother reigned as a god, the ultimate orchestrator of life as I knew it.… ...

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The Rest of Alphabet Speak from the ’60s

After my parents passed away, we siblings gathered to close down their home. It was a fraught time, my husband and I worked with a brother-in-law to set up the necessary event and most of us pitched in well, fully engaged and enthralled with the task.
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Knick-knack, this Old Man…

 Hey gang, guess where I’ve been? Back in the Midwest, cavorting with former high school classmates. It was a reunion – small because originally there were only 32 graduates, or were there 33? None of us fully recall the details, but what can it matter after all these years?
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There was an Old Lady – and she was thee!

Sometimes there are no words.
Sometimes there are more.
Authors hear much about keywords when it comes to Amazon sales. I written about that in the past.
Today’s blog has another tasty treat: the continued alphabetical list of phrases I recall from my misspent youth.
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There was an Old Lady and she was me!

Way back in April I riffed on The Media, the whipping boy/girl of the current regime:

Thanks to television, it was easy to pick up what was new and cool when we were tweens/teens/twenty-somethings. Remember?

Kick back and getcha groove on, baby.… ...

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Wait! There’s More: “Pitch”!

SO, are you are plotter or a plodder, willing to do whatever it takes to market your book?

Well, here’s another bite of the sandwiches I’ve been offering, my experience with much-vaunted ploys. Let’s explore the Pitch.

This is not baseball nor is it tar 😉 This is a ploy to garner attention.… ...

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