Month: July 2017

The Customer is Always Right – Wrong!

🙂 As you may know I have an extravagantly-healthy sense of self. Predicated on a staple of life demonstrated repeatedly, steadfastly, and in numerous ways:

  • I was raised in small farm-based communities in the ’50s Midwest, a place where everyday life was replete with chores with little time left to create chaos, at which Mother Nature’s skills surpassed anything humans could conceive btw.
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Online ordering replacing Mall shopping

READ IT! READ IT! READ ALL ABOUT IT!, the news boys of New York used to say. People grabbed newspapers for a pence or a dime. Now they pay nothing and read on their phones.

This article intrigued me several months ago.… ...

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My First Car = Buckle Up!

My first car was a ’67 Ford. Turquoise metal that glistened iridescent in the sun, rewarding my dream to drive. Independence, escape, self-determination, and mobility for my own choices.

The car had seat belts. Shoulder harnesses weren’t invented yet. It seems basic, but my car’s seat belts were rare.… ...

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Five Easy Ways to Fake Out a fitbit

I never said you were a cheater nor did I confess to the act myself.

But a 5000 step goal can seem like too steep a mountain to climb, let alone the weight loss recommendation of 10,000. Lean and fit people don’t need a fitbit reminder to achieve.… ...

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