Month: August 2017

The Furor of de fuehrer

The furor of de Fuehrer. Have you experienced, witnessed, or been the target of an attack?

How do you prepare, defend, or deny the attack of The Boss? Every family has one – bullies bombast, ignite, and control. They lord it over others.… ...

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Life as A Miracle: Purdue Party Meet

Life as a Miracle – it’s a great way to live. Filled with wonder, in-the-moment, unfettered and free, it fuels peace, love, joy, and contentment.

Speaking of peace, love, joy, and contentment, as well as the miracles of life, here’s the tale of a chance meeting that altered the path of my life: the night I met The Man.… ...

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“You remember that! You remember that!”


My husband and I enjoyed nostalgic outdoor concerts in the various Orange County, CA parks throughout the summer. One of the premiums of high density living is the abundance of choice. While there’s the inherent traffic – because, after all, what narcissist would assume to be the only one on the road?… ...

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All-American Sugar

I saw an article in the July-August issue of Popular Mechanics, which proudly proclaims in a small box on the cover that it’s been America’s magazine since 1902. Do the math – that’s over a hundred years. It’s one of my husband’s favorite, one of the last of its kind.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: triple tire blow-out

I’m in the midst of an anniversary of sorts as I contemplate the seven-year birthday of my car.

Here she is “Zippety-do-dah”, my Mini Cooper, Mayfair series, with extra chrome and leather interior – with top-stitching in turquoise, I must add.… ...

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