Month: September 2017

My husband is the Dalai Lama of listeners


My husband, Larry, is a listener.┬áMe, too. A frequent compliment for my writing is that “PJ Colando has a very good dialogue ear.” You don’t have to guess where it comes from. I’m dedicated, well-practiced, empathetic, entuned.

Yet, I declare my husband the Dalai Lama of Listeners....

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Life as a Miracle: Writing Partner from OZ

Three months ago a world traveling writer returned to the U.S., to her home not far from where we live. When we re-connected, she requested a get-together to co-write. She felt she’d found her Voice at last.

For the writers among my readers, you know what that means.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: 6:00 No Res.

So, after a day of nail-biting and angst, eyes glued to the National Weather Channel for Hurricane Irma news, I pulled my husband out of his La-Z-Boy with a promise of “I’ll buy” dinner out.

He fell for the ploy, despite our shared MasterCard, because he knew in his heart, as well as his belly, that we were both hungry for a view of a peaceful ocean.… ...

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Poolology and Social Permission

It’s well-known that men and women differ: biology, psychology, sociology… On and on the divergences show – and flow.

Even in our sports club’s pool, where I observe all. Especially there, when-and-where my limbs are occupied.

There are three lap-length lanes in the free-for-all pool.… ...

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