Month: November 2017

Life as a Miracle: Sunday Safari 1991

For two dozen years, Soroptimists, an international service organization for women, consumed my spare time. Most often it was a good thing, a boon to my life. Because I was in solo private practice, and did not earn my speech-language pathology degree in this state, I had few compadres with whom to interact.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Several Spontaneous Remarks

One gathers their treasures anywhere they can, nuggets of silver and gold to line the spirit and the heart. To bolster the ego as needed at time, too. Especially when one is feeling waterboarded by ‘stuff’ 🙁

Remarks to relish: spontaneous, unaffectedly spoken, and uncontrived.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Rosalinda and Cindy

Some dates you never forget. The configuration of the room, the season, the temp. The people who showed up. Those not.

When you got the news of Kennedy being shot, when the first plane flew into one of the Twin Towers – so you could turn on the live TV coverage to watch the second improbable crash.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Go West, Young Woman

So, here’s a story. It may be truth, it may be fiction. For the record, it’s not me. But it is a fairly good tale. 😉

On this date fifty years ago, my New England parents put me in the car with two soldiers, recently returned from Viet Nam.… ...

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