Month: April 2018

THE INCIDENT: 2nd character pov

I’m late, I’m late, I’m late… I parked in the far parking lot, mistiming the amount of steps required to the restaurant on the other end of the mall. While my Fitbit will reward me, my conscientiousness is brimming with guilt.… ...

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THE INCIDENT: 1st character pov

OMG. What a morning! Though I’d only had three appointments, all the clients’ marriages were beyond salvation. I was as drained as a city’s water reservoir during the recent drought. I’d talked ‘til I was blue in the face.

I’d talked until I’d run out of ideas and breath.… ...

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THE INCIDENT: hostess pov

It’s 11:35 on a rainy day, so there was little foot traffic at the mall. Though not many shoppers, the business buildings nearby had begun to unleash their hungry throngs, the regulars who keep this eatery afloat. Our restaurant’s generous portion of expansive windows weren’t their usual billboards that entice diners inside.… ...

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Errant discourse – a rant.

I’m a writer – what about you?

I’m a human being, too – as I know you are, Constant Reader. As human beings we like to be listened to when we speak. Am I right? We crave being understood, as most people do.… ...

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Live Strong


Long before Lance Armstrong built a charitable empire to fight cancer, fueled by sales of the bracelet that my husband and I wear daily (the back story of that dates to 2005, and is a whole other blog) – and long before Lance fell from grace, I shared this epic poem.… ...

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A hunch is angel talk and probably should not be ignored. The Holy Spirit that swirls. Provided to guide you morally to the end of your days and night. To help humankind and your self.

Listen to your hunches, pay attention to your intuition, do not dismiss your random thoughts.… ...

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