Month: September 2018

The Boots are Made for Walking, er Dancing

I think I was born wearing go-go boots. I reportedly walked at nine months and I’ve been on-the-go every since. What about you?

Today I’m taking a detour. I’m going to shunpike rather let an incident take a toll. Shunpike is a new word I learned.… ...

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Goal Setting is not my thing – HA

I’ve never considered goal setting my thing. I’ve never consciously set a goal in my adult life. I just drift and do, I think.

I didn’t set out to make straight As in college. I’d caught myself at being whimpery at a competitive grade loss in high school, junior year.… ...

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Tragedy and Comedy are Roommates –

“Tragedy and comedy are roommates”, said one of the comedians who performed post-9/11. That night, to help bring New Yorkers back from grief, to move them forward, a blessed inch, beyond sorrow. ‘Laugh until you cry’ probably happened for every body, every eye during his performance that night.… ...

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The BE Attitudes of Preventing Writers Block

  • Be aware of why you write. Check and recheck daily.
  • Be willing to fail… you’ll be able to, so enjoy it (ha-ha).
  • Be in the moment with the muse. Amuse him/her. Feed her chocolates and wine and roses and music… anything and everything!
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