Month: December 2018

Gem Down!

“Gem down!”

The women hit the floor and began to scrounge, combing the plush purple carpet with their long-nailed fingers. Someone might as well as said, “Man down!” for all the fervor they put into their task.

There a brunette, there a curly top, there a long-haired blonde.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Fernando

What does one do to commemorate the finalization of a 30-year mortgage? To celebrate the closure of an onerous task: opening the checkbook and writing a check with many zeros 360 times… to be the owners of the home and not the bank!… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Tiny Cupcake

A diet began. Not out of preference, but out of necessity: I have no willpower and my weight had punched up. Groan.  😐

Yeah, my body was more than over-plump. I’d edged into fat. A while ago, but it was time.… ...

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A slave to Shakespeare ;-)

I’m an inadvertent slave of William Shakespeare – with whom I have much in common, some people say. Apparently, he re-invented the English Language, invigorating it with words he invented… And, my favorite editor/shred-it-or describes my style as brisk word blending (I think she made that term up)  😆

It’s no matter, I like the term.… ...

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LIFE as a MIRACLE: the book of Mormons

So, last summer my husband and I drove days and days through Utah, the land of Mormons and flat, distant-vista terrain. Our destinations were the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, the grandest of “America the Beautiful” parks. Along the way, we serendipity-toured a fort, fully preserved with the dishes and clothing and telegraph office, the latter the genesis of the fort-in-the-middle-of-nowhere.… ...

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