Author: PJ Colando

Grand Trip

Ten days ago my husband and I returned from a Grand Trip: shepherding the Grands and their folks to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks, the epicenter of Nature’s gifts to Earth, a spectacular conglomeration of geysers, critters wild, waterfalls, and rock striations that evoke awe.… ...

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Cookies, cakes, and casseroles. Banana nut bread, blanched tomatoes from an uber garden crop, apple and carrot cakes.

What am I doing: procrastibaking. That is, putting off an important or urgent task by baking. I am an insecure writer.

The urgent task, of course, is my fourth novel, for which there is a late September deadline.… ...

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Once, Twice, Three Times = Trend

I have a tape recorder memory. At least I once did.

It works like the vaunted photographic memory. I recall snippets of conversations, often odd bits that don’t fit a logical paradigm.

It’s not because I was once an actress, as the graphic suggests, but because I was a speech-language pathologist working with voice clients, and I was compelled to recall the before-after-and-inbetween aspects of my clients’ voices.… ...

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“Are you _____?” Mistaken identities rate!

The curious interest, the thinly-veiled stare, the hesitation, the pointing, the whispering – and then the ask, rather the tell: “You’re ____, aren’t you.” A shy, yet gushing smile.

Marietta Harley, for one. In her case, I think it was something about the impertinent attitude as well as the looks.… ...

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“You have beautiful skin”

“You have beautiful skin,” he said. Though my husband wasn’t within earshot, it was too late in the evening to be a come-on, so I just smiled and said “Thanks.”

And, then I gave him the spiel, the story I’ve been repeating for 30+ years.… ...

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What’s In Your Name?

So, here I am, planting an ear worm for a popular commercial in your head. Me, the writer who seldom watches tv. One of my reasons for writing is that it’s a quiet hobby for when my retiree husband watches sports (often).… ...

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There are rock festivals…and then there’s US

So, as you recall my husband and I recently attended the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, a cornerstone of rock stardom and celebration. Our two tickets cost the equivalent of our home mortgage monthly payment… it was our way of celebrating the closure of this ginormous debt, our monthly payments gone!… ...

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#1 Boomer Issue: Word Finding Problems

As you know, I’m a Boomer-aged chicka. Don’t even ask me my age. I’m living free and easy, retired from a fabulous career and feeling great.

Most days.

But more and more, I’m plagued by age-related issues. There is an aphorism I used to think was silly: “Old age isn’t for sissies.… ...

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Simply Rain

What do you do when you can’t sleep, Constant Reader?

It’s a decidedly female dilemma, something hormonal and related to cortisol levels. A physician once explained the phenomena to me: that the mid-afternoon stress level is mirrored twelve hours later, at 2:30 a.m.… ...

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Woodstock Wus-out

“I wasn’t there. I didn’t know her. I left nothing behind.

I gots to be careful because I’m swinging my leg out with each step, to avoid stepping on the raggedy hems of these dang bell bottom pants. They’re jeans I got at a second hand store, and I’ve already had two ancient hippies, recognizable because they still let their freak flags fly, offer me a small fortune for them.… ...

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